10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Warrensburg!

If you're moving to Warrensburg or PCSing to Whiteman, Missouri, there are 10 things you need to know. And if you have kids, you'll definitely find #10 interesting.
So, let's dive in!

1. The Layout

If you've just been transferred to Warrensburg as a military officer, you probably don't even know where this town is! Well, that's understandable because it's not one of the major cities in the US.
Warrensburg is on the west side of Missouri, 45 minutes southeast of Kansas City. It's also about an hour and a half from Columbia and Jeff City. So, if you're looking for that big city vibe, it doesn't hurt to drive down to any of these places.
What's more, Warrensburg is a 3-hour drive from St. Louis. But the good news is that there's a direct train from Kansas City to St Louis. So if you don't want your butt to feel sore after driving for three hours, just hop on that train!
Okay, right into Warrensburg! If you're thinking of buying a home in Warrensburg, there are two things you need to know. If you're going to be on the north side, you can take 50 Highway, and it's a straight shot to Whiteman, just about 15 minutes away. And if you'd be living in the southern part of Warrensburg, you can take the DD highway to Whiteman, which is also 15 minutes. That's important info if you're PCSing.

You want to avoid the 13th corridor, which is Highway 13 on Maguire Street, because the traffic here is crazy. You can get stuck for hours.

2. Schools

One important thing to know when moving to Warrensburg is, what school district are you moving into?
There are eight public schools and one private school in Warrensburg. That's three high schools, one middle school, and four elementary schools. And then there's one private Christian school that's everything put together: elementary, middle, and high.
You'll love it in the Warrensburg School District, trust me.

3. Sports

If you're into sports, you'll love it here. There's great football, baseball, and soccer, and Warrensburg's #1 football team is The Chiefs! If you're a soccer fan, then you really should watch the KC Sporting team.
The University of Central Missouri Mules is our local football team!

4. Base Housing

There are 890 family units in Whiteman Airforce Base. The waitlist to get into base housing can take six months up to two years. So if you desire it, you better get on the wait list very early.
However, poor maintenance and stringent pet issues are some things to deter you from staying there at all. There are some dog breeds forbidden there, including chows, pitbulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Bull Terriers, among others, are not allowed. So, that's pretty much something to worry about if you own a pet and are looking to move to the Whiteman family unit.

If you're looking to live in Warrensburg for more than two years, buying a home is advisable. The return on investment in Warrensburg is really great, and you'll certainly make profits within a short time when you buy a home here.
You don't gain any equity if you live in the base housing.

5. NUCOR & Whiteman Growth

NUCOR is a giant steel company building a 400-million-dollar plant in Sedalia. Sedalia is about 30 minutes away from Warrensburg and 15 mins away from Whiteman Air Force Base. Because of this, there's a lot of industrialization and development going on around that area.
What's the point in all of this? It means you'll get a massive return on investment if you buy a house around this part of Warrensburg.
The B21 bomber is also coming to Warrensburg soon, which would mean a tremendous influx of military personnel. That's good and bad! Bad because rents are going to skyrocket, and it's going to take a while to see a good vacant property to let. Good, because if you buy a home, you're going to be on the benefiting end.

6. High rent prices

Let's face it, house rental in Warrensburg is on the high side. This is influenced by the presence of a University and an Airforce base. Rent in Warrensburg can cost between $650-$900 for a one-bedroom. A two-bedroom will cost about $850-$1,000. For a three-bedroom apartment, you'll be looking at $1,200 to $2,000. It's never going down, trust me. Only up, so the benefits of buying a home can never be overemphasized.

7. New Construction

So, can you build a home from scratch in Warrensburg? The simple answer is yes! It's more accessible than people think, and you can use your VA loan to construct a home in Warrensburg.
There's a catch though; you can't use your VA loan to buy a stand-alone land. But you can use it to purchase a plot in a subdivision. Then assign the project to a builder, and then close on the house and the land all at once when the building is complete. You can't close on the land itself because that will create a cloudy title, which just won't work.
If you want to build a home in Warrensburg, ensure you look for a Real Estate Agent experienced in the process who knows all it takes to complete the process legitimately. The process takes time, though, so you want to start at least eight months before you arrive so you wouldn't have to live on expensive rent for a long time.

8. Moving Your Pet to Warrensburg Without a Fence

So, what do you do if you have pets, but the home you bought doesn't have a fence? You can build one using your VA loan as long as it meets all the necessary guidelines.
The fencing company will create an invoice which you must present to your lender, who will then wrap it into the financing of the home. So when the house closes even before the fence is completed, there will be absolutely nothing to worry about.
If you ever get into the situation where you have pets but move into a home in Warrensburg without a fence, just find a local Real Estate Agent who knows their stuff, and they'll handle the process for you.

9. Pediatricians & Pharmacies

If there's a baby on the way! Head to the labor and delivery group at Western Missouri Medical Center. They're amazing and will make the process more comforting than you could ever imagine. As for pediatricians, there are three:
If you're on the base housing, there are also some pediatricians there. So there's nothing to worry about if you're expecting childbirth while moving to Warrensburg.
If your child is sick and there's a nasty medicine they have to swallow, take them to Summer's Pharmacy because they flavor all the kids' medicine there! For late-night emergencies, visit CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart Pharmacy, as they are all open late. However, none of them is open for 24 hours. If that's what you need, then you have to head to Lee's Summit or Independence.

10. Daycare

So, down to the last, most important thing you need to know if you're moving or PCSing to Whiteman and living in Warrensburg. If you have kids, you need to know there are ten daycare centers in Warrensburg, and they are always full. The waitlist ranges from three months to a year, so you want to hop on long before you arrive. Get on all ten of them so you can pick whichever spot opens up first! They're all really great daycares, so you just can't go wrong!

There you have it! 10 Things that you really need to know before you move here. Have a safe trip!

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