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10 Things You NEED To Know Before Moving to Warrensburg, MO

so you're moving to Warrensburg Missouri or you're pcsing to Whitman Air Force Base and you don't know what this town is like or things that you should know before you get here I can help you with that today we are revisiting what to know before moving to Warburg 2.0 here we go don't forget to like And subscribe right now down below CU I make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also my contact information is right down there so if you're coming here and you have any questions for example I actually just talked to someone who's stationed in Germany and they're coming here next year and they just simply wanted to know about the schools and the daycares do not hesitate to reach out send me an email give me a phone call or a text I really love talking to people and I probably have a video on it today we're talking about what are the 10 Things I don't really want to do this because I broke a nail right before this video but whatever 10 things that you need to know before moving to Warrensburg Missouri so I did this video when I very first started this channel like seems like forever ago but some things have slightly changed since then so I wanted to kind of revisit 10 things to know before moving to Warrensburg with kind of an updated list so let's jump right into it and do not skip over because number one is a doozy so let's start things off with number 10 Warrensburg is a Melting Pot of people that is kind of like the number one thing that I really tell my clients who are coming here so they know what to expect

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we have both the University of Central Missouri which has a very large international student population and we have Whitman Air Force Base so we have this really cool conglom Iration of people from all over the world really and all over the United States who have different political views who have different religions who have different just education backgrounds and backgrounds in general and cultures so a lot of times when people think like small Midwestern town they think one particular a stereotype of only one way of thinking or only one way of looking and we are really lucky enough to have just a really cool feeling in our town uh really togetherness oh my God I sound like a hippie but it's true we have a really cool blending of people from all over the world making our strong but Mighty town have a really great soul and a really great culture moving on to number nine and this will always be on this list because it's so important to people like myself who have a lot of kids daycare weight lists so if you're coming to Warrensburg and you you have children that are of an age where they need to be or you want them to be in a daycare daycare so a daycare in home or at an establishment we have weight lists now we have a lot of amazing daycares in both Warburg and Knob Noster actually I'm going to do a video on them soon but all of them have weight list all of them are full and all of them are full pretty much year round so if you have children and you want to put them in a daycare make sure that you ahead of time put them on multiple weight lists and that way by the time you get here you'll have child care another really good uh thing to use actually that I found is on

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Facebook there's a page called Warrensburg babysitter page and you can post in there asking or looking for daycare so it's more in home or for babysitters but that's been a really good source of people for me when I'm looking for a babysitter moving on to number eight we have restaurants so a question that I actually get quite a bit is what restaurants do you have in Warburg and we have a mix so we have quite a few small local small business type restaurants which I love and then we have a very small amount of chains so of course you have the regular fast food like Sonic McDonald's Taco Bell Burger King you know that type of thing um Chipotle that one's very important to people I don't personally understand it because I have Monro allergy but people love their Chipotle we do not have a KFC that is a standard just fight on social media we do not have a KFC or Chick-fil-A but we have the rest of them and my favorite restaurants in town are the smaller local restaurants so for example we have a lot of really cool small business type restaurants so um Fitters Raging Bull Heroes o Barney players I'm like who am I missing Idon't want to miss anyone um saai Thai Oriental Cuisine pinks Habachi there's a new uh Japanese sushi restaurant that just open up CYO so

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we have so many cool restaurants that are small businesses we need an Indian food restaurant though so if anyone out here and YouTube land wants to move to Warrensburg and open up an Indian restaurant I would not be sad about it okay moving on number seven also talking about food one of my favorite subjects grocery store so the only grocery stores in town are we have a Walmart and we have a hi ve we also though have some smaller small business type grocery stores so for example in both Meers Market 121 Farmhouse or Tony's there are stock like small almost like Corner grocery stores that you would see in like a little neighborhood in New York or something like that where you can go in and there's you know a small selection of food and then usually uh Farm to Table fresh produce of some sort so and the farmers market don't forget the farmers market so during the season you also have the farmers market every Saturday some really great things there I try to personally and this is going to sound so snobby but during Farmers Market season I try to buy all my produce and all of my protein from the farmers market cuz it just makes me feel better what can Isay I'm bougie we do not have anything like uh Whole Foods though so if you want something like a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe's or Costco you're going to have to drive up to the city so moving on to number six and number six is community engagement now what does that mean that sounds super weird but what I mean by that is when you're moving to Warrensburg and you want to know what's happening in our town because oh my gosh a whole lot is always happening in our town you need to know where to look so\

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for example we have this amazing group called Warrensburg Main Street and they organize so many great activities in Warrensburg from fundraisers like Picadilly to cool beerwine walks that the jingle Brew just happened so just really great activities they organize a lot of different like parades and events uh Burgfest just so many cool things but you need to know where to look so I would personally recommend following the visit Warrensburg page my page Warrensburg main streets page Chamber of Commerce Page Parks and wck page I do a whole video on Warrensburg parks and Rex in the community center there's always some form of class or event going on there's even things at the Warrensburg community center where you can pay a fee show up there and then go off on an adventure like up to Kansas City or they do trips to the zoo they do trips they do this

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one thing where you don't even know where you're going it's a mystery trip so there's all sorts s of really great groups and things that you can join if you just boop boop boop click join on a couple different groups online and then you'll constantly get updates of what's happening in Warrensburg moving on to number five this is a from based on a question I get quite a bit how far is Warrensburg from Whitman Air Force Base now this answer varies depending upon where in Warrensburg you live but generally anywhere in Warrensburg it's been between 12 and 25 minutes to get to white man for space so Warrensburg is like Boop here and then white man for space is like Boop and OB Noster so it's a very short trip and you can go straight to there on two different uh well I I say highways but they're really just roads DD highway or 50 Highway so those two roads are just boops straight shots to Knob Noster and straight shots to white man air Forest bace super fast super easy number four now this is kind of a big one what is the housing market like in Warrensburg that's such an all-inclusive question it's like


oh my gosh okay where do I begin so the housing market in Warrensburg is super exciting but it's also super competitive and that's really for two reasons the first is that we have the university and we have white man Air Force Base so we have a constant influx of new people every 2 to six years and for the most part because rents are also very high in Warrensburg and very competitive it just makes more sense to purchase a house especially if you're a military and you have the ability to use a VA loone meaning no money down so it makes more financial sense to buy a house and then pay down use your mortgage payment to you know gain Equity pay down your mortgage than it does to just throw that money away renting because of that but we have in a super exciting housing market because basically every 2 to six years someone's going to be buying or selling a house that constant influx of people makes the market spicy as I like to call it basically our housing market is always going to be competitive so if you're a buyer and you really like a house probably a lot of other people do too so you have to be more aggressive in Warrensburg in my opinion than in other are is because there's a lot more demand and honestly there's just not a lot of Supply so moral of that story is if you're buying a house in Warrensburg it's going to be a great investment because there's always people trying to buy houses so you will probably if you take good care of it make money on that house when you sell it if you stay in it at least 2 years but also if you love a house jump on it which leads me me to number three something that I think everyone should know moving to Warrensburg if it applies to you house hacking now this is something that I talk to a lot of my clients about because it can be such a genius way to create a passive income for anyone but especially younger Airmen who have the ability of a VA loan and not have to put any money down and don't have like a giant family so what do I mean by this okay so and instead of buying a single family home with your VA loan if you are a single Airman or if it's you and your partner or you and your partner and you know one kid I don't recommend this for large families because it doesn't really work but for some instead of buying a single family home you buy a duplex and you can use your VA loan to buy duplex you can use an FHA loan to buy a duplex as long as you occupy it for at least a year and you have to occupy it within 6 months so you buy buy a duplex you live in one side you rent out the other side you have a property manager do that so you don't have to deal with it and then you let your tenant basically pay your mortgage down and then whenever you PCS out or you move away you can actually then keep that duplex rent out both sides and then you still have your VA loan or you can still use that to purchase something in a new state a new area but all of a sudden you have this fully rented duplex which is basically now paying for your mortgage on your next property at the next place you live it's brilliant and then rinse and repeat 5-10 years you have multiple investment properties and it's basically paying for your entire section of your life so it's like oh I'm not really paying a mortgage my tenants pay me pay it for me it's awesome house hacking check it out sorry I get very excited about house hacking and it came off I think way more forceful than I thought anyway I digress

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moving on number two what are the best in the worst neighborhoods so I actually have videos on this and another question that I get asked a lot Eva what are the bad neighborhoods in Warrensburg well to tell you the truth we really don't have any bad neighborhoods we do have cuz I do have a video the five worst neighborhoods in Warrensburg and I talk about that I don't say that oh these neighborhoods are terrible I say that compared to other neighborhoods that don't have houses that are like severe fixed reppers in the neighborhood or there's certain HOA areas where the HOA is completely been neglected or there's areas that are in a flood plane so there are some neighborhoods in Warrensburg for example the South Heights area where there are some really great newer fixer uppers in that neighborhood but then there's also some houses that are just not pretty to look at but I wouldn't say they're bad because Warrensburg doesn't really have any bad neighborhoods what we do have are opportunities so if you're willing to purchase a house in a neighborhood that's maybe not so sparkling and shiny new as say you know kill or Brookside or Hidden Pines you're going to get the price of your house is going to be so much easier to afford and in a couple years there will be no even slightly Shady neighborhoods in Warrensburg because we just have too many people moving here that want houses they want to buy houses so I don't really look at neighborhoods as being bad neighborhoods I look at them as being opportunities on the flip side of this coin we have I mean there's over 200 subdivisions neighborhoods in Warrensburg and I would

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say 90% of them are just great very like family friendly beautiful neighborhoods I have videos on it for example you know Spring Ridge kill Lake View oh my gosh Hidden Pines Valley View I could just go on and on and on we have beautiful beautiful communities in Warrensburg and in the country outside of Warrensburg outside of City Limits there are just some gorgeous I still actually find myself cuz I randomly drive around and just do videos of areas of Warburg and I stumble upon areas that I've never been to like oh my gosh where did these giant houses come from where am I so there's still some sneaky beautiful areas out there that even I haven't seen oh my gosh guys it's the most we've all been waiting for

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what is number one on the list of things that you need to know before moving to Warrensburg that number one thing is I want to do it with this finger and not this sad finger the number one thing that you need to know is there's no target there's still no target it's been years since I started complaining about this and it's still hasn't happened and I keep hearing rumors on the Grapevine that oh Target's going to come here Target's going to come here there's no target here still if you want to go to Target like every sane wonderful individual does you still have to drive up to Lee Summit it's about 30 to 45 minutes sorry still sucks there you go guys I hope you have enjoyed this video uh if you want to know anything else about Warrensburg or if you think I missed something comment below and do not forget to like And subscribe because I make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also my contact information is right down there so if you're coming here and you have questions that are not in this video do not hesitate to reach out shoot me a text call me send me an email I love talking to people talk to you soon

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