12 Fun Things to Do Near Warrensburg, MO

Visiting Warrensburg, Missouri for a vacation? Or maybe you're moving here for a job or PCSing to Whiteman Air Force Base and wonder if there's anything interesting to do around here?! You're in for a surprise!
In this article, we discuss 12 fun things to do in Warrensburg, MO. While some of these places are in Warrensburg, others are just a short drive away!
Let's dive in!

1. Check Out the Wineries

Montserrat Winery and Arcadian Moon Winery are two little wonderful wineries near Warrensburg. One (Montserrat) is halfway between Warrensburg and Knob Noster, and the other is right up near Higginsville about 10 minutes away. They're both beautiful places to hang out if you just want to drink some wine and eat some appetizers with live music in the background. Oh and eatch ducks swim aroud a lake. They have really cute ducks!
They also have non-alcoholic drinks for those of the non-drinking persuasion.

2. Day trip to Powell Gardens

A day trip to Powell Gardens is one of the best things to do near Warrensburg. Just 15 minutes away from Warrensburg towards Kansas City, Powell Gardens is a strikingly beautiful garden to walk around. Although it's a bit pricey, it’s absolutely worth it.
There's a restaurant, so you can even get some wine and walk around the gardens. What's more, many different events are done here at different times of the year. For example, every October, they have a spooky light walk, and during Christmas, they have this giant Christmas light show throughout the gardens.
If you like butterflies, get covered in millions of them when you walk through the greenhouse during the Butterfly Exhibit.

3. Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is one of the top places to visit in Warrensburg. On Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings during produce season, you can buy all sort of fresh foods and locally made crafts. Fresh beef, deer, honey, name it! Anything you want, you'll find it here, fresh and juicy!
And every first Friday of the month in spring and summer, There’s an Art Walk through downtown! You can walk around and look at all the work done by local artists. Always a fun day!

4. Antiquing

Antiquing is one of the best things to in Warrensburg for sure. This town has some really cool antique stores; one of them is called Junk and Disorderly. You can also try out Those Were the Days—a really great place to find incredible treasures because it’s HUGE. You can't go through everything here in one day; it's that loaded. You really should try visiting the antique shops in Warrensburg - it's so much fun!

5. Crossfit Believe

If you like crossfit or if you want to get into better shape, AND meet some great people, then you should check out the crossfit gym in Warrensburg.
Crossfit Believe has so many amazing community events that will take your breath away, literally lol. They get families and kids involved in fitness, it's an awesome group to join if you're moving to this town with your family. Bonus is you’ll look amazing and have tons of new friends!

6. Nelson Atkins & Kemper Art Museums

The Nelson Atkins and Kemper Art museums are a must-visit near Warrensburg. Agreed, you're going to travel a bit out of town to get there, but the trip is so worth it. Both museums are in Kansas City, about 45 minutes away from Warrensburg.
The Nelson Atkins Museum is great as it's completely free (you can donate whatever your pocket feels up to). The rotating exhibits are breathtaking because you never know what you're going to see.
As for the Kemper Art Museum of contemporary art, it's just so interesting and you really should see it for yourself.

7. Arabia Steam Boat Museum and Science City

So, moving on, the Arabia Steamboat Museum and Science City are top sights to see right outside of Warrensburg. Very cool day trips. The Arabia Steamboat Museum is fully dedicated to the that sank in 1856 - which was later dug up in 1988. They took everything out of the ship and created the museum.
If you have kids, you absolutely must take them to the Science City. There are some great hands-on interactive science exhibits they'll find here. They even have adult nights where they sell alcoholic beverages and us adults can act like kids for an evening! Always a good time.

8. Branson & Silver Dollar City

These two places are a couple of hours drive but the trip is definitely worth it. You'll find the Guinness Book of World Records Museum at Branson. There are also dinner shows and mini golf.
Right next to Branson is Silver Dollar City, a western-themed park with roller coasters. If you and your family are looking for a relatively cheap getaway near Warrensburg, Branson and Silver Dollar City are the perfect solution.

9. Missouri State Fair

Next on our list of top fun things to do near Warrensburg is the Missouri State Fair. You can get fried Oreos, fried donuts, and fried ice cream here. Anything fried, you've got it! (Winks).
The Missouri State Fair is located about 30 minutes from Missouri. There are a lot of animals at the fair, so come with boots because there might be some brown presents left on the grounds.

10. Knob Noster State Park

If you love the outdoors, you really need to visit the Knob Noster State Park. There are just so many parks here that it's so easy to get lost in nature, and they're all FREE! Whenever you feel bored in the afternoon, just go over to Knob Noster State Park for an afternoon of greenery and wildlife.

11. Kansas City Zoo

Moving further on our list of fun things to do near Warrensburg is a visit to the Kansas City Zoo. You definitely need to check this out, although it's about 45 minutes’ drive away from Warrensburg. With elephants, tigers, penguins and other amazing animals, it's sure going to be a wonderful time, especially if you go with family.

12. Aquarium & Lego Land

Last but not the least is the Kansas City Aquarium & Lego Land. Located in Kansas City, the Aquarium & Lego Land are a must-see whenever you visit Warrensburg. These two places are right next to each other, so just take a day out and plan a trip to see them both!
There are so many sea turtles, sharks, and rays in the Aquarium, you'll almost think you're under the ocean.
Walk right next door to Lego Land and play with giant Legos! But note, you must have kids to be granted access here (adults without kids aren’t permitted except for certain days). So if you don’t have kids, make sure to call first to find out what day’s are for adults only. Or borrow someone’s kids and take them! It’s a win-win.
There you have it!
12 of the best things to do in or near Warrensburg, MO! Which one is your favorite? Definitely let us know in the comments!

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