5 Tips for A Stress-Free Move to Warrensburg, Missouri

You're moving to Warrensburg for a job or being transferred to Whiteman Air Force Base, and you’re thinking “Where the heck is the post office?” or “What are the daycares like in this town?”. I can help you with that!
Today we’re going to talk about the five easy steps I have for you for a stress-free move to Warrensburg, Missouri!
Lets get to it!

1) Local Government Agencies

There’s a good chance that when you move here from out of state (or from out of the country) you will need to get a new license. Our DMV is open Monday -Friday from 7:30am till 5pm. I absolutely recommend NOT going over the lunch hour or you will find yourself in line purgatory.

To get a new license you need to bring proof of identity (military ID or an ID from another state). You will also need a social security card and proof of a Missouri address. If you are moving here (and you know it ahead of time) and know what your new address will be – send yourself some mail! That’s the easiest way to get proof of address. Another option is to use a utility bill, though this could take longer to receive.
If you don’t have an address – call the local post office! Because you can set up a post office box, mail yourself something and use that at the DMV!
Another great local government service (since I’m talking about local government services) is the Johnson County Board of Services.
If you have special needs or a disability (or have a child with special needs) I highly recommend reaching out to the Johnson County Board of Services here in Warrensburg. The ladies that work there are AMAZING and can help you with everything! From finding movers, to setting up transportation and extra funds – they are here to help!

2) Utilities

When you buy a house here in Warrensburg – your real estate agent should give you list of all of the Utility Companies that we have in the Burg – and make sure you switch them all over into your name on the day of your closing, so you don’t show up to a dark, cold house!
The electric company is called EVERGY.
The main trash service is Republic, but there’s also J&S Trash Service.
The natural gas company is called Spire.
The main internet provider is called Spectrum, but there are multiple to choose from.
I’ve linked their websites to their names so you can easily get in touch with them if need be.
Make sure your cell service and internet works with your current carrier! Sometimes, if you’re further out in the country, you may have to switch providers. This happened to my sister actually. She had AT&T, and when she ve her life! She switched pretty darn fast to T-Mobile and now she doesn’t have to go out into a field and wave her phone around to get service.
Since I'm talking about necessities, I'm also going to list the grocery stores and pharmacies in town!
We have Walmart and Hy-Vee for our big grocery stores. But we also have little corner stores like Meyer’s Market. I LOVE Meyers Market!

It's locally owned by the Meyer family and they have a cute little selection of groceries, toys, clothes and candy. They ALSO have Boozy Ice Cream (!) that they make in-house. Yes, you read that right! Their ice cream is alcoholic and it tastes AMAZING.

If you want a Whole Foods or a Trader Joe’s you’re going to have to drive up to Lees Summit or Kansas City, which is about 45 minutes away. There’s also a Costco in Independence! I LOVE Costco. I have a Costco problem.
For pharmacies, we have CVSWalgreens, and Summers Pharmacy (Walmart has a pharmacy as well). It’s good to note that none of these are 24-hour pharmacies. The closest 24-hour pharmacy is in Lees Summit or Sedalia, so plan ahead! My favorite pharmacy out of these four is Summers Pharmacy! They are locally owned, and they always go above and beyond for their customers.

One time I had this prescription for my son and there was a mistake when it was sent to the pharmacy (so they couldn’t fill it). Well, they tracked the doctor down (he had already gone home for the day) and got him to resend the correct prescription so my son could get his medicine on time! They also have this flavor machine, where you can add flavors (like bubble gum or strawberry) to your kid’s medicine! Makes life SO much easier.

3) Schools and Daycares!

Here is the Warrensburg School District’s physical address in town. You can go into this building and get them signed up for everything! You can also go online as well. Make sure as soon as you know that you’re moving, go online (or go in) and get them enrolled.

Another SUPER important thing to do if you have small children, is get them on a waiting list for daycare! There are ten different daycares in this town, and they are all completely full, always. And have long waiting lists. I would call every single daycare on this list and put your child on the waitlist for ALL of them. That way, by the time you get here you’ll have a spot!

If you’re looking for an in-home daycare, a great resource is the local Warrensburg Babysitters Facebook group. You can post on there that you are looking for a sitter or an in-home daycare and you’ll get quite a few responses! That group is where local caregivers post openings in their in-home daycares as well as openings for babysitting.

4) Movers, Cleaners and Jobs

One thing that can really help when you get here is if you have movers that will come and take everything out of your moving van and put it in your house! I personally HATE moving, so it’s worth a little bit of an expense to have someone do the heavy lifting.
Theres a couple different options for this. You can go online and search for things like Warrensburg Movers, Move It Move It, or Carlyle Van Lines (just to name a few). You can hire someone to come in and move everything inside your house. It will cost anywhere from$200 - $2000 depending on how much stuff you have.
You can also go on Facebook and check out a group called The Burg Work. You can join that group and post job openings! For example: I need four strong men on Saturday to help move furniture, pay is $15 per hour. I’ve posted openings and found people for lawn maintenance, handyman services and even someone to come put together a large doghouse! The Burg Work site on Facebook is a great resource to find inexpensive help!
Another use for that Group is that most of the local businesses in town post their job openings on that page! So, if you are looking for work, that’s a good place to look! Another really great resource for work is the website - jobs.MO.gov.

5) Find An Agent You Can Trust!

Last but not least! This is probably one of the most important things to think about when moving to Warrensburg, is find a really good Real Estate Agent to help you find the perfect house and show you the ins and outs of the town!

Our market here in Warrensburg is amazing and super-fast-paced. Our real estate market runs on a 2–4 year cycle. This is because people move here to go to college at the University of Central Missouri, or PCS to Whiteman Air Force Base for a new posting. Then, after 2-4 years, they either graduate or PCS to a new base. What that means is there’s quite a bit of turnover in our town! Adding on to this (or really because of this) we also have steep rental rates.

This all makes for an exciting, but competitive market! You really need an experienced agent to help you navigate the waters so to speak!
My number one suggestion that I would give to people moving here, would be find a great agent who knows the market and who is on the ball and who can get you the exact house you want, for the price you want!

I hope this blog has helped you with your pre-moving jitters! Don’t hesitate to reach out to me through text or email if you have any questions or if you’re moving here and need help finding a house. Till next time!

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