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7 Things People Hate About Living in Warrensburg Missouri and Whiteman AFB

Hello, guys and gals! Today, we’re talking about 7 things that people HATE about living in WarreKnsburg, Missouri, and Whiteman AFB.
Let's get to it

1. Bugs

Missouri has lots of bugs, but two in particular are real pests. They are ticks and cicadas.
Ticks, as you probably know, are external parasitic insects that hide in tall grass and shrubs. If you were to walk through some grass where a tick (or a tick colony) is lurking, this annoying little critter would probably jump onto your bare leg or ankle, bite you, and burrow its head into your skin.
If you find a tick somewhere on your body or on your pet’s skin, it’s especially important that you remove it immediately! That’s because ticks can pass on some dangerous diseases if they’re allowed to hang out on your skin for too long.
The good news about cicadas is they are more annoying than dangerous. They look a little bit like large flies, but while they will never bite you or harm you at all, they may keep you up at night. That’s because cicadas often make a loud clicking or whirring sound.
If you see a cicada, know that it won’t hurt you. But you might consider wearing earplugs between the months of June and September!

2. Slow Life In The Midwest

There’s no doubt that life moves at a slower pace in the Midwest than in other parts of the country. For people who are used to zipping in and out of stores and up and down city streets, this can be a huge culture shock. But I’m sorry to say, you’ll just have to get used to giving yourself extra time to drive to your destination or to run errands. It’s highly likely that you’ll run into a friendly stranger who talks your ear off or gets stuck behind other drivers (or a tractor!) who are in no hurry at all.

3. No Ocean

Missouri is part of the Midwest, and the mid” part means we’re landlocked in the middle of the United States, which means you’ll find no ocean beaches here. But the good news is you can still find plenty of watering holes to swim in, like Fugitive Beach (an abandoned quarry turned water park) and the Lake of the Ozarks.

4. No Snow-Capped Mountains

Sadly, there are no snow-capped mountains in Missouri. You’ll have to drive 12 hours to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for those. However, we do have some smaller mountains - 549 peaks, to be exact - which are beautiful to look at and feature some incredible hiking trails.

5. Summer Heat And Humidity

There’s just no getting away from the heat of Missouri summers. In the peak summer season, which is July through August, the average high is 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit. In total, we typically get between 40 and 50 hot days per year.

6. Cold Winters

Even though our summers get pretty hot, the winters in Missouri are still cold, cold, cold! The average temperature during this time of year is between 9 and 40 degrees, and this chilly spell typically lasts for 3 or 4 months. The average snowfall is 18 inches, which usually falls in January and February.
Once a year we get a bad ice storm, and then we see a lot of trees and power lines come down and a lot of vehicular accidents on the roads. It’s not fun, but as long as you’re prepared, you’ll make it through!

7. Extreme Weather

Finally, one of the things that people despise about Missouri is the extreme weather.
The two types of extreme weather you have to worry the most about are flash floods and tornadoes.

Missouri has a lot of lakes, rivers, and streams. When it rains a lot like it does during a thunderstorm, those bodies of water overflow and cause flash flooding on roads and highways. If you’re driving in the rain and you see a sign for flooding, turn around! Otherwise, your car could get stranded in the water.
On average, we have around 47 tornadoes every year. These vary in intensity and size, so they’re not all big and scary. But that is something to watch out for. Make sure you have a safe place to go, like a shelter, in case a tornado does come your way.

And there you have it!

Those are the 7 things that people hate about living in Warrensburg, Missouri, and Whiteman AFB! But the truth is, every place on Earth has its good parts and bad parts. You’ll just have to decide for yourself if the bad parts of Missouri are worth putting up with for all the great things this state has to offer.

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