Discover Family Fun at "My Little Town" Indoor Playground in Warrensburg, MO

Hi, so today friends I lost my assistant she's helping to make a fruit salad but we are here at my little town indoor playground in Warrensburg and I tell you what I have been saying for years that we need an all-inclusive indoor playground here in Warrensburg because if you're like me and you have small kiddos and on the weekend they're just running around crazy in the house and it's snowing outside what do you do with them bring him here so the hours of this awesome indoor playground I have a stupid note because they are multiple I was trying to hide it so it's Monday through Friday 9 to 12 is the first play block and then they close for an hour to sanitize which I personally very much appreciate because I love my children but my children can get real gross yeah we prefer their children not gross and smelly and sick yep and then they're open again from 1 to 4 and then occasionally they do also have Sunset play from 5 to 7 so that's really cool so there's like two to three different options every single day where they're open and then on the weekends they have birthday parties or if they don't have birthday parties they're open

speaking of birthday parties Barrett's birthday party is here I know I'm so excited very excited about it but okay so let's walk around and let's kind of show y'all what it's about here we go so when you first come in Model Town one of the very first things that you do is you can very easily fill out and sign your waiver just by scanning that cool little UPC code and also over here as you see they have Cubbies for everyone to put their shoes can you I'm talking to the camera who are you talking to I'm saying who you're talking to who are you talking to oh oh sir what are we having this is an amazing looking meal a't even this is your mom wow that looks like a really good grilled cheese banana salad M yeah I'm I'm I'm hungry I'm ready to eat some grilled cheese banana salad the have to pay hey there you got to pay in this establish of course what do I owe you sir 15 15 oh jeez the weed okay no actually a million a million do you take Apple pay no credit cards no dollars only dollars you're out of luck you're out of luck no wait I have I have this yellow million dollar bill thank you you're welcome there you go whoa there's money in there wow okay ready to go a come over here sir uh can I can I pay you with this bagel no $15 million can't pay with a bagel this isn't legal T cost $15 million how about a pumpkin no5 million dollar it CoStar oh my God I just I have no I don't have any dollars today well then that means you can't I'll swipe my credit card okay that's y 250 done 250 cents Perfect all right you going to serve the lady over it okay good job yes now you guys can eat oh thank you m this looks good delicious want to warm it up it's not it's not hot or anything I thought you cooked it for us no have to eat it warm okay I don't know about this service it's hot oh it's hot okay we can eat all

right this is my son's favorite section because it's full of stuffed animals pretty much you'll find him in the middle of the floor with every single animal around him with a doctor's stethoscope on his neck it's adorable so Nina yes tell me about this area that's kind of sectioned off yeah it looks like they have a whole area that's private and sectioned off for babies which is awesome for people like me with babies who still want to play but don't want to be completely trampled by the big kids what always happens so this is great yes I love it and it's huge a lot of times the baby spaces are so small this is a huge baby space with lots of activities and toys so that's really nice yeah they can literally go from one end all the way over the other it's honestly this is the biggest baby spaceI I think I've ever seen yeah Nina yeah how much do you wish that this was open when all of our other babies were babies what a dream what a dream how many years have we we been wishing for this uh hey how old is Barrett almost seven six seven years so nah pointed out giant dress up section yes my four-year-old loves nothing more in this world than wearing costumes he would wear costumes 24/7 if he could so he's going to love coming here and seeing just endless costumes it's probably just going to be crazy how many times I'm going to have to help him change his costum but it'll be worth it have these and then over here they have military costumes and police costumes and then they have firefighter costumes so cool just so many options oh it's thinking dog washing look so cute this is Barrett's favorite section all the animals I am here with

Mr ever atmire sir how are you doing today good oh I'm so GL you lost another tooth yes I I lost two too oh my gosh it is a momentous day congratulations did you get money from the Tooth Fairy uh I got I got $1 and a $1 times when I got too I got $1 I last last uh yesterday that's when I lost my Nutter tooth oh wow and I got $1 and another day last time I lost my first tooth congratulations good job but I lost my tooth in the trash can at school and and yesterday when I lost my another tooth I accidentally swallowed it when when I spit out out water when when Matt was being funny oh wow well what a day what a day so today do you like the indoor playground yeah it's fun isn't it fun you made me a delicious banana lettuce sandwich it was very good it was delicious what's your what's your favorite part of the indoor playground what's your favorite toy so far I'm not sure I think about it yet oh did you like that uh roller coaster yeah that was fun that was pretty cool huh uh do you like all the costumes do you think colen would like all the costumes yeah I'm sure I didn't wear any of the costumes oh guess what you know we're having bear bear's birthday party here will that be fun yeah I'm excited about it I thought it was just going to be at your guys's house oh no we have here now so we can have birthday parties it'll be way more fun here yeah yeah you want to go play some more yeah okay you can go play some more thank you sir for for being on my on my channel welcome bye so one of the things that I really love about this particular indoor playground because now we have two and they're both wonderful yes which is crazy we went from zero to Infinity I know but uh I love how inclusive this particular indoor playground is mainly for parents like myself who have kids with special needs because this it's so it's quiet even when it's full it's calm very calm in here and um there's no way you can't see from anywhere in the whole Space you can see everything happening there's no like areas um you can see people coming in and out of the door they have to go through a whole section it feels very safe yep and very calm Y and soothing yeah so like for example um my older son Barrett who if you follow my channel has autism and he the other indoor playground which is also amazing but sensory wise it's loud it's crazy kids are running around it's wild J it is a jungle it's a really cool jungle but for him it's just a little too much but here I can just sit and watch him and he just explores and has such a great time and if he doesn't want to play with other kids or if he doesn't want to be around other children there's so many sections that he can just go to and sit and like pile animals on top of themselves yeah there's lots of space and they even have very calm music playing kind of feels like you're actually just getting a massage yeah yeah it does the sound in the space feels like soothing like a spa it's like Spa yeah it is it's like oh so nice in here and um

the owner she is amazing and she actually the last time I was here with my son um she just noticed obviously probably being very experienced with children that he did have special needs and she brought out special sensory objects that she knew that he would enjoy so that just kind of makes my heart feel so good yeah that's awesome yeah so big fan of this uh big fan of this daycare so oh not daycare it feels like a dayare it kind of feels like one um so all of the information I'm posting their website right up here they are very inexpensive so you can literally come and have your child play for hours and it's super inexpensive so all of the info will be boop boop boop right there so bring your children and support them yes bring your children support small local businesses like this so that they stay forever because we love them yeah no no










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