Exploring Downtown Warrensburg: A Shopper's Paradise

so you're moving to Warrensburg or you're pcsing to white man and you have no idea what type of stores we have in this town I can help you with that today we're gonna go explore some new local businesses in Warrensburg Missouri stay tuned and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week and you're going to want to get notified also my contact information is right down there so if you're coming here and you have questions do not hesitate to reach out send me a text send me an email I love talking to people today friends myself and my awesome sometimes co-host and other next door agent Nina Meyer are gonna go explore some new and not quite so new stores in downtown Warrensburg we're gonna check out the new kids clothing store that's so darling it really is darling we're gonna check out the new bookstore in Myers market and we're gonna check out Rockin Sports which is one of my all-time nerdy favorites here we go today Friends food chair friendship we are going to go in and look at one of the newest stores in Warrensburg now you all know Myers Market if you watch my channel the best in Myers Market they opened up a bookstore yeah super excited nerds unite I love bookstores I love the smell of it I love everything about everything about books I love buying books and hoarding them in my house and then lending them out to people and I don't even care for the most part if I get them back yeah so I just love that they exist they do I do I do let's go look at some books there's like books all over now it smells super big but it's cute yeah so everyone can kind of see and they have they have a decade they have grab bag grab bags surprise books oh surprise books that's a great idea I want a boat and it looks like they have it looks like they have lots of different options so everything from kind of young readers to mature adults yeah this is awesome because that's one thing that we definitely is missing in Warrensburg and that is our favorite book section I'm going to

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show you guys oh I'm reading this book right now that's awesome oh that's so cute I love the favorite book section oh I Really Wanna is it good I want to read that yeah I'm eating that one it's so good oh okay it's easier than I expected really yeah it's really fun I'm gonna have to buy it now it's really fun I love it well this is just so so cute yeah comics ooh ooh free comics so this looks more of like a used bookstore than a new bookstore but I even kind of dig that even more because used book is it's like recycling yeah but I think these are mostly new are they mostly yeah I guess it's a mix of you I think it's a mix of used in new but I kind of like that I there's something like awesome about reading a used book and you find like a secret note or something in the margins I personally own like probably 10 copies of the book 1980 book because it was my favorite when I was a kid but my favorite one is one that someone has written all over that's awesome like the whole book is written on and I like to leave the little notes and I feel like we're friends even though I don't agree with the notes always I'm like can't get you though my friend I understand oh that Series right there the Janet evanovic series is amazing so there's also something really to be said I'm I'm totally buying this book by the way about you can come here you can order like a sandwich or a salad ice cream or a boozy ice cream this is where you get the boozy ice cream you can get Fried Chicken inside a waffle with syrup on it just do it they even have mac and cheese and a waffle they have a fried waffle chicken waffle on a stick but you can get all of those delicious treats and then you come here and read a book and escape from your children for and then at the end you buy a present or your children and the kids section exactly so they're not mad at you that you left them with a stranger oh we probably look like horrible parents you know we're not we're great here they do awesome

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our next stop on our Tour de Warrensburg this is Rockin Sports this is a really little-known gym in downtown Warrensburg and a lot of people are hesitant to go in it just because you can't see anything inside and because the windows all have these really cool like coasters but inside is a treasure Trove of nerdy Awesomeness from the entertainment you need yeah literally if you're looking for any video game any movie records oh you didn't have enough memory sticks or something it's all here all here so we're gonna go in and tour around and kind of give you a give you a give you a tool maybe a glimpse of the best local entertainment shops true here we go ooh there's this there is just so much neat in here I mean there's even like board games everything yeah if you're looking for it they probably haven't you don't see it just that I'm just gonna get some got every guitar here come on so one of the great things that I like about this store is that if you need a gift for pretty much anyone and they like movies that like anything game related or anything comic book related you can just come in and you're gonna find something and if they don't have it they can probably get it that's another thing sometimes if I'm looking at for a specific game or a record I'll just talk to the owner and he'll be like oh yeah I can get you that in and then he'll call me in like two weeks and he found it somewhere on the internet yeah magical I am here in downtown Warrensburg in front of the newest store downtown it's called that's so darling and it's a kids clothing store and it's awesome I'm so excited to have a kids clothing store in town because right now really if you want to buy your kids cute clothes there's like Walmart and Marshalls both not terrible but they have some really really cute stuff that's more interesting and just really more fun andnot everyone's gonna have it so let's walk through and I'll show it to y'all oh thank you


foreign from a new store in town it's called that's so darling and let me tell you it is very darling so tell me how long has this store been open just over a month just over a month yes awesome um and I really noticed you know walking through here eh oh my gosh this store is so cute um also there's really not another storm one trip like this no she's hoping to expand and make sure that we have the coverage for you know kids clothes hopefully someday baby registries and everything because well she's found what we need yes it's true because the only other store in town that really has kids clothes outside of Walmart is Marshalls and it's just really hit or miss yeah mainly Miss so tell me um what different sizes of clothing do you have here for kids uh for girls we have newborn all the way up to I believe 14 in like teens girls and then for we're only up to a size eight right now she's working on expanding that but it's harder and harder to find boys clothes as a boy mom I completely understand that it's difficult it's difficult and you actually my son and your son have the same shirt I saw his his cool Mountain shirt and I was like that too we have good taste oh yes mom's unite 100 and we actually have really cute stuff in here yes I'm noticing that I'm actually gonna like buy oh yeah oh wow find the farter that's an awesome looking book oh man I'm gonna have to get that for my son so what is what are some of your favorite things in the store you want to show them to me yeah sweet show me all the things I love all the baby Knits there's oh my gosh yeah you could do boy or girl right and then my daughter has this one the very girly you know why weren't you guys in existence when my babies were babies if I tried to put that on my three-year-old he'd be like don't you dare no um the really cute boy stuff there's I mean when as it gets colder oh my gosh it'sit's adorable and again the baby knits I can't take how cute these are one of my daughter's absolute favorites absolute favorites oh that's so pretty and it we actually have it in multiple colors so cute oh my gosh I'm gonna I'm gonna have to get all the cute things here


I'm gonna come home my husband's gonna be like where were you I got too many kids clothes Don't Judge Me YouTube so there's also really cool baby gifts and like kid gifts in here so there's things that like if you need to bring something really cool to a baby shower this is like a flower pot teether it's adorable and there's all sorts of books and puzzles and toys and more like Montessori based like wooden toys which I really think are cool because they last so much longer and they just look better so it's like a truck wrench kit it's so cute so for any kid or baby present needs I would definitely check out that's so darling because you can find just about everything here and look at all these cute socks it's so cute what a cool book oh my gosh I love it do you like that book do you know what those are what kind of animals they are koalas they're sloths oh they're so cute thank you sir thank you bye-bye bye thank you bye man oh man I hope you guys enjoyed that video I spent probably way too much money on things I can't help myself I love books and children's clothes and like records and stuff but that was really fun that I really hope that you enjoyed watching it as well don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week and you wanna gonna want to get notified also if you're coming to Warrensburg and if you have any questions or if you need help finding a house because that's actually what I do I am a real estate agent but ah I digress if you're coming here do not hesitate to reach out give me a call I love talking to people see you next time thank you




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