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so you're moving to Warrensburg or you're pcsing to Whiteman Air Force Base and you have no idea what the neighborhoods in this town look like or which ones are the best I can help you with that today we're gonna talk about the 10 best neighborhoods in Warrensburg Missouri stay tuned don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week and you're going to want to get notified also my contact info is right down there if you're coming here if you have any questions if you need help do not hesitate to reach out give me a call today friend we are gonna talk about the best 10 neighborhoods in Warrensburg and this is actually a two-part video series because it's so long so we're gonna talk about the first five neighborhoods that are wonderful and amazing and unique and different and great and these are not in any particular order they are different styles of neighborhoods different types of neighborhoods um some people may prefer Cahill some people may prefer Timber Hills you know it's just some great neighborhoods in Warrensburg so whatever your preference we're just gonna go ahead and get started starting of course with kehila here we go

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I'm here at the one the only Cahill uh this is definitely one of the top 10 best neighborhoods in Warrensburg if you're from Warrensburg or if you've ever looked at real estate in Warrensburg Cahill is definitely a gorgeous big wonderful neighborhood good actually I did a video on Cahill previously but it's about their Halloween celebrations because Cahill is the place you go to get the full-size candy bars let's put it that way so what you can expect from a house in Cahill well it's going to be large and it's going to be gorgeous the price range of this neighborhood is going to be between 395 and 650 000. you have houses of all different variety and style though they all do kind of conform to each other there is an HOA in this neighborhood and they are serious about it they really like to maintain their property values and make sure that everything looks cohesive for example you can only have a black metal fence in Cahill and I mean I understand it it looks gorgeous but going into it you have to know if you buy in Cahill you're going to get a gorgeous house it's going to be big it's going to be probably brand new or close to it but there is going to be a hefty compared to other HOAs in Warrensburg HOA fee and you are going to have to follow some pretty strict rules but most people who live here just don't care because you live in a great neighborhood there are such great neighborhood community functions and you know that when you leave you'll be able to sell your house and make a nice profit from it so if you're looking for a brand new build and you're wanting to spend anywhere between 400 and 500 000 you can get a gorgeous house here you know in between three to five bedrooms three four bath everything's brand new giant closets basically what you think of of a new giant fancy build house that's what you're gonna get in Cahill okay moving on

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I am here in Timber Ridge and this is one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Warrensburg other than Spring Ridge of course you know I'm a little biased but I love Timber Hills that's where I'm at by the way Timber Hills and it's just gorgeous it feels like you're living in one giant Park the old growth trees here are amazing they're so shaded the lots are really large all the houses have a very different aesthetic quality like there's all different styles of houses in this neighborhood and they're all really gorgeous they all have big big wonderful yards if you can kind of see behind me and there's just a lot of Pride taken and ownership in Timber Ridge it's definitely I will say kind of difficult to live here to buy a home here because houses do not come on the market very often it's kind of like Spring Ridge where the neighborhood is so sought after so it can be difficult to put purchase a house here just because they don't come on the market very often this is definitely one of those neighborhoods like Spring Ridge where people purchase a house here and it's definitely more of a forever home variety so if a house comes on the market in Timber Hills jump on it because they are few and far between but I mean look how gorgeous it's just magnificent Timber Hills definitely part of the top ten so the house is price wise range anywhere between 400 000 and 750 000. you just have all different styles of houses sizes of houses anywhere from two to three bedroom oh my gosh I have a friend hold on hold on well hello yeah would you like to be on my YouTube channel you are you are just the best co-host ever sorry about that folks got a little distracted okay what was I saying yes so these houses range anywhere from you know three bedroom two bath all the way up to five bedroom four bath all different price ranges all different square footage anywhere from 1500 square feet up to 4 000 square feet or more so you can really find some different unique style houses here of all different sizes and varieties so there you go Timber Hills love it are you with my helper are you my video helper you are so pretty what a pretty girl poor boy I'm not sure here

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I am at burnwood estates this is a super cute hidden little gem of a subdivision and it's right off of 13 highway so you can hear a little bit of noise in the background but once you get into the subdivision you can't hear any of that so this is a really cool subdivision it doeshave older houses in it there's quite a few ranch style houses built more in the 60s and 70s but then there's some more updated modern homes as well one thing that I love about the subdivision and you'll probably see a trend in this is that there's so much space and nature and so many trees and woods and the lots are a little bit larger and people have these beautiful yards so you go into the subdivision and everyone has a little bit extra space and you feel like you kind of are in your own wooden Oasis so to speak so the houses aren't smushed up right next to one another which I personally cannot deal with the house price is here are pretty good actually this subdivision the houses will go for between 300 and 450 000. so a little bit less than the last one that we talked about which was Timber Hills this is definitely a little less expensive than Timber Hills but like I said just like Timber Hills finding a house to purchase in this subdivision can be difficult houses don't pop on the market very often so like I said if you see one better take advantage of that and buy it but very reasonably priced houses Big Lots and houses themselves are big between two thousand and four thousand square feet so you get a lot of space there so yeah great subdivision here I am at quarry Branch Estates and this is a very interesting neighborhood it's right off of 13 just like burnwood it's actually burn wood is right over there so they're like literally across from each other this is a much smaller subdivision it's basically just one giant Loop and the house is in Quarry Branch Estates are larger there's lots of either ranches raised ranches or more just traditional style houses but they're larger than burn wood and the lots are much better bigger so whereas in burnwood you have a price range around you know 350 to 450 in Quarry Branch estate you're going to have a price range from between 400 to 550 000. the houses are much bigger the lot sizes are bigger it's so beautifully wooded I know I know I have a problem but you're looking at houses anywhere from three bedroom two bath three thousand square feet all the way up to five bedrooms four bath and that's going to be closer to four thousand square feet so the houses are big it's beautiful again I keep saying this and I feel bad because I'm like here's a beautiful subdivision houses never go for sale here so keep your eye on the market you never know when One's Gonna Pop Up here I am in Spring Ridge so I I do love I love me some Spring Ridge this is of course my subdivision so I am biased um one thing I really love about Spring Ridge is the houses are a little more affordable here and you can find them a little more often than Timber Hills or burnwood for example now the lot sizes are smaller the houses are closer together but they're also more affordable so you can still find a fixer-upper in Spring Ridge in the mid 250s range anywhere 250 000 all the way up to half a million dollars those are the house prices in Spring Ridge but you can find an affordable house in this neighborhood now it will be a fixer-upper but hey that's just more Adventure so anywhere from you know three bedroom two bath all the way up to five bedroom those are the types of houses you can find in Spring Ridge all different styles the houses in this neighborhood there are some really cool architectural Styles and you'll kind of see that from the footage of me driving around just all different sorts of sorts of houses which is really cool so it's not just ranch or just split level very cool architectural design houses in this neighborhood and affordable so there you go

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Spring Ridge so there we go guys we uh I got bug attacked I don't know if you all saw that there you go we talked about the first five best neighborhoods in Cahill but maybe these aren't your favorite ones drop me a comment below and tell me what are your favorite neighborhoods in Warrensburg maybe I'll do a video on those don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also my contact information is right down there I get calls from people all over the world literally I was talking to someone in Germany last night who's coming here they need help finding a house their whole family's PCS into Warrensburg and I said absolutely so if you're coming here and you need to ask some questions about town give me a call I'm always available

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