Top 5 Worst Subdivisions in Warrensburg, Missouri

Moving to Warrensburg, MO? Living in Warrensburg offers residents a rich suburban feel. There are a lot of parks to explore, the locals are quite friendly, and it's generally a safe place to work and live. However, if you're considering buying a house in Warrensburg, there are certain neighborhoods (subdivisions) you want to avoid.
Below, we highlight the five worst subdivisions in Missouri to buy a house in. Some properties in these neighborhoods are in flood plains, are depreciating in value, or are just downright poor investments.
So, let's dive in.

Broad/Grover/Mitchell Block

What's so bad about this Warrensburg subdivision? Well, for starters, the roofs here are old.
How do you identify an old roof? It's simple. If you see a roof that's slick and shiny, that's an old roof. If you've got an old roof, it can easily get damaged, and you get to spend a lot of money replacing it.
Furthermore, the curb appeal of the houses in this Warrensburg neighborhood is not much to write home about.

Anderson/Christopher/Tyler Block

This block is very similar to the previous one in that the houses are old and need a lot of renovation—old roofs, no gutters, etc.
However, many investors and families have been buying houses in this neighborhood and fixing them up, so you'll find some really adorable properties amid the not-so-good-looking ones.
The worst thing about the Anderson Christopher street Tyler Block in Warrensburg is that most of the houses are in a flood plain. That means you'll need flood insurance, which could cost you an extra $50-$200 monthly.
If you're looking to buy a home in this Warrensburg subdivision, it's important to find a Real Estate Agent who can conduct proper research and due diligence for you.
Interestingly, houses can be pulled out of a floodplain. Whitehead Consulting is one company that can handle that.

Fox Ridge

Fox Ridge, in terms of home depreciation, is one of the worst neighborhoods to buy a home in Warrensburg. Although the houses here are relatively new, many of them are in the floodplain. So yes, flood insurance!
Again, pulling your house from the floodplain is possible if you really desire to live in this subdivision. The cost per square foot also varies widely in this neighborhood due to poorly done DIY home improvements, so you want to compare properly to ensure you're getting a good value for money with your purchase.
But Fox Ridge also scores some good points. Since the houses are relatively new, many of them are without basements, so you don't have to worry about a wet basement or foundation issues. The homes are also in very good condition.
Just ensure you do proper research or hire a reliable Real Estate Agent who can do the job for you.

Lake Michael Area

Although the Lake Michael Area is a very beautiful place, it's one of the worst neighborhoods in Warrensburg to buy a home. Which sucks! Because I really like this subdivision. Unfortunately, the houses are built on soil containing tons of rock and clay. As a result, homeowners spend a lot of money fixing foundation issues.
You want to ensure you have a really good home inspector working with you if you must buy a home in this Warrensburg subdivision.
But hey, it's not all bad. Lake Michael is a nice-looking neighborhood, very close to the Whiteman Air Force Base and Knob Noster State Park. However, most houses here have very narrow entryways due to the high-character terrain.
Another great thing about this Warrensburg subdivision is that it puts you within the city limits so that you still have access to the Warrensburg School District, which is something you'll find very cool. The 100% Missouri experience!

South Fork

South Fork is a very eye-catching neighborhood in Warrensburg. You'll even find several mobile homes. So, what's so bad about it?
The covenants and restrictions have been so degraded that they're no longer followed. Yards have deteriorated, and homes are in odd colors.
These things typically reduce a property's value, making South Fork one of the worst neighborhoods in Warrensburg to buy a home in.

Final Thoughts


So there you have it, five of the worst subdivisions in Warrensburg to buy a home in. However, remember that each of these neighborhoods comes with its upsides as well. It takes a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent familiar with these neighborhoods to help you make the right choice, so it helps to have one by your side.

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