Unveiling the Enriching Experience of Knob Noster Academy Kids: A Haven for Holistic Child Development

so you're moving to warrenburg or you're pcsing to Whitman Air Force Base or moving to nov Noster Missouri and you need child care what are you going to do I can help you with that today we're walking around and looking at a brand new child care facility Knob Noster Academy and I'm going to show you all about it stay tuned oh and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified and my contact info is right down there so if you're coming here if you're looking to buy a house if you're looking to sell a house if you just want to know where the best shoe store is do not hesitate reach out give me a call send me a text send me an email I love talking to people today friends we are looking at Knob Noster Academy I am so excitedabout this new daycare opening because if you've watched any of my other videos you know that we need daycare in these towns in warnburg and KNN we have so many families that are coming here andthey want child care and I tell you what nnst Academy it's a pretty great place let's check it out

I'm here with Emily El and I am at her amazing new daycare child care facility in knobster called knobster Academy right knobster Academy Kids yes awesome yes so tell me um how long have you been open and why did you decide to start an awesome childcare facility yeah so we have been open since September 18th of this year and um my bachelor's degree was in child and family development my Master's Degree was in social work so I was a social worker for 16 years oh man you just instantly became more amazing I don't know about that no shout out to social workers y'all you guys have hard important jobs yeah I was kind of done with that it um yeah I think it took the toll it needed to on me and I always had wanted to pursue um being a daycare just owning my own daycare running my own daycare so tell me about uh tell me about your food menu for these children because I know that's a big thing with some parents yeah so one thing I'm currently going through the process of getting of qualifying for a state program where it's very um there it's very strict as to what I have to serve okay um on the flip side of that when we opened it was very important to me to um don't get me wrong we we do chicken nuggets we do the corn dogs we do the peanut butter and jelly some days yeah um but we are really big on what is healthy what is um just getting kids to experience different food so like we have a rule here you just have to try it once and if you don't like it you don't have to eat any of it that's my I have that rule at my house with my kids I'm like brussel sprouts they're delicious it's cooked properly you have to take one bite if you don't like it that's fine we'll move on so we've started safe we've started like tacos or homemade or spaghetti or um we do tuna noodle casserole or we do um what else do we do we do tater tot casserole I mean we do all the chicken noodles like chicken noodle soup but it's a little more it's not really soupy but anyways and what we find is the majority of our kids if they try it they will eat it I think that's so awesome and a lot of times the parents will say you're setting the parents up for success and naturally I was a parent that said this like oh my kid's not going to eat that he does not eat that but the thing is is our teachers also eat with the kids and when the kids see all of their friends eating eating those things whether it's fruits or vegetables or just something that they're not familiar with yeah they eat it so I completely understand that cuz my my children will eat more things at school or daycare if all the other kids are eating it then they will at home so um another thing is in the spring we're really excited to like we carved pumpkins and we dug out the seeds and we're really excited to plant pumpkins yeah we're going to plant the strawberries we're going to plant the green beans we're going to plant the Cucumbers um and they're going to be able to see yeah planting it seeing it grow and then bringing it bring it in in and hopefully eating it so that's so awesome

so I know you like just about every other daycare in town have a weight list for some of your rooms how does someone find out about how to geton your weight list and what you have available yeah so that's a good question we have a website it's nodm Academy kids.com and under enrollment you can click on waiting list and then it's just a form you fill out and then that automatically sends a response to me with just all the important information age name all that fun stuff um another way is I just encourage people to email us um it's knobster Academy kids atgmailcom I'll put it right there and then um I've I've honestly had a lot of people call and I assume that's from our Facebook following um we have a Facebook group Facebook I don't page yeah um nodm Academy kids and I assume I get a lot of phone calls from there um our weight list our baby weight list is pretty lengthy our ones is pretty lengthy we um have a few openings for twos and threes and we have a few more for fours and fives um and with the majority of our um families being military even though

we've only been open almost four months um it really does change quickly because if a family you know has to leave gets orders yeah um whatever we've kind of had a slew of things like one mom um went to be a stay-at-home mom some other families um got some PCS orders and so it really does change a lot yeah um so what you're saying is if you call and they're full or you go on the weight list just because they're full Now does not mean they'll be full in a month or two so and I try to encourage people I try to remind people of that um because I think when they hear I have a really long list for babies or for ones it's I know that there's not a lot of opportunity in our community in warrenburg around us um but I try to always remind them that it changes so often yeah so um so yeah that's awesome yeah so uh we're going to do a walks through of this brand new beautiful child care facility and yeah here we go are you ready okay yeah let's go all right I love how clean everything is it is clean it's really important to me to be super clean like one rule of the building is we cannot leave dirty diapers in here so they immediately go outside um because I don't want anybody walking in here and it's smelling like a dirty diaper it smells great in here okay this is our preschool room this is Anna she is one of our lead teachers in the preschool room um this morning they're just working on some table time learning that fun stuff uh one thing I really like about her is she does a really great job at planning just planning on how she's going to teach them each day so and then she'll incorporate like their learning into a song or an outdoor activity or a craft C awesome like for example right now they're learning about the weather

again so we're here in the baby room oh I want to snuggle all of them right now we have eight babies oh wow currently seven today but we are you usually full in this room with eight of them so I mean it's hard to find child care for babies it really is yes this room has been full since the day we opened um and we continue to have a waiting list for this room especially and our one's room um just because our ratio in here is 1 to four so we can only have we can only have eight babies at a time obviously um with two teachers and so um yes it is full I'm not surprised I'm not surprised well it is a adorable in here and I wantto come sm all these so what room is this okay so this is a room full of lots of on one just escaped two just escaped opens the door hi talk about live footage oh man they're just yeah he's our track star okay oh so this room is full of one-year-olds hi I love your pants thank you I didn't know you want here here awesome you know K you did yeah well she's awesome so K is one of our Le teachers in here as well um there is seven one-year-olds in or eight one-year-olds in here at a time oo girls I bet you guys get a constant workout it is pretty busy um this room is full yes and there's a waiting list same thing it's 1to 4 so we can have eight teachers at or eight kids at a time um two teachers yeah um they yeah they play we do a lot of um like table time kind of like table time activities whether it be like a table time bin where their hands on um digging in things that they won't put their mouth in or yeah like we did um

like yesterday we did snow we painted snow they wanted to eat the snow we tried to keep it out of their mouth but it fun for them to be able to do it all themselves yeah um they get to go outside when it's when it's nice out they go outside as much as the older kids so that's another thing that's super important to me um just getting them outside having them just learn through play so um that's awesome Ben was trying to C your camera ohie what's you doing Bailey looks scared hi hi hi oh

hello hi so I have to say I have walked through most of this daycare and it smells fantastic it does not smell like poopy diaper or spills or kids it's amazing it's amazing well it really makes a difference cuz I've been I've walked through a lot of daycares so far this one goody can you say hi to EV no oh thank you thank you Franklin is it where' you go is it it's orange I don't know  orange an apple I love it I love it

yeah so this extra space depending on your need will determine what age of kids you have so when we first opened which was back in September I had this basement both rooms wor for four and 5year olds um but at the time the need was really for child care for 2 3 and foury olds yeah so we because I neither rooms were full we combined into that room and then this room is really right now open or an extra room as I hire new employees um it's actually getting full um and they probably won't start until February and March um but it'll probably be a 2 three two and three room just like next the one next door so okay going out back wow you have a giant giant play area back here this is awesome it's so big okay so when there's not snow on the ground this is well it's still my favorite spot but um our backyard is actually Turf um the whole entire playground is Turf and then right here where we're standing is all concrete so there's just a really good um like we can use little wheelie cars on this and then they can just freely play out here we can also kind of do we also do a lot of um a lot of learning I mean sometimes we even do lunch out here sometimes we do lunch out here right here in the middle is this hump is like a natural little Hill so the kids can I mean they run up and down it they roll up and down it they jump up and down it it's just it's awesome so this is kind of my favorite spot um the area back there in the corner is specifically for babies and one-year-olds yeah um one thing I really like about that is we can all be outside together so on a typical day a typical nice day without snow and freezing temperatures um I mean we are out here anywhere from 30 minutes to I mean our older kids can kind of be out here for I would say a Max of three three to 4 hours that's awesome um sometimes it's free play other times it's structured Play We have um we've done um shaving cream fun on our with our hands and our toes we've done water play we've done I mean they literally took their hands in M put their hands in mud and painted my siding which looking back wasn't the best idea but anyways it was um it was fun for them so so I really love that your daycare is so Hands-On that you're not Afra afraid to let the kids like be kids yes so that is when we opened this I mean both my husband and I that was a huge thing for me like I I don't like I truly believe they learn more through play they learn more through handson like learning howto be a good friend learning how to be social learning how to um share all that all those fun things um just kind of getting like more natural experiences and that is really what we focus on here so in the in the very back um we have kind of like what we call our nature area and there's a nature walk um the kids we haven't really got to experience that yet um but that is back there for the spring you'll also see there's a

temporary fence that is a little not up like it should be right now but in the spring that will be our Outdoor Classroom so um not only will this be a big opportunity just for free play but but we will truly there will be um an area where we can bring the class out um outside so I don't know exactly what it'll look like but we're super excited so I'm pretty sure it's going to look yeah so I am here with Stacy hi

Stacy thank you for coming on my show pleasure to be here so uh tell me about why you like the stare and why you chos it I don't just like this daycare I absolutely love this daycare uh reason being is because the moment we walked in for a tour we felt like this was going to be home for us um our son he has never been in daycare um and my wife was able to stay home with him for 18 months oh and so when he came here he fell in love with it and so did we and that is what solidified us because the fact that

he was excited made us feel like we were at home as well I also like the stare um because of the app that they have oh yeah so they upload um pictures videos when he eats when they change his diaper it is just so um that's comforting exactly the fact that I can know throughout the day that he's being taken care of means the world to me that he that he ate that he napped exactly it's awesome yeah that's awesome I gosh I probably if there was a daycare that hadn't act like that that existed when my kids were that age I probably would have put them in daycare I think it's just that like security you know that someone is taking care of baby like you will take baby yeah it this daycare is so amazing to the point to where I we live in Blue Springs and I'm separating from the military next week actually oh wow yeah exactly and

my will to be at this daycare is so strong that I'm considering driving him down here from uh Blue Springs wow driving back and coming back to pick him up in the afternoon that is a pretty amazing testimonial okay well awesome well thank you so much for being on camera with me thank you for having me well Emily I just want to say thank you so much for letting me come walk around your daycare it's beautiful I love it I love everything that you stand for and I hope that this helps some families who are pcsing T white men who are moving to KN Warburg uh helps them feel more comfortable with uh being like sweet I'm going to use this daycare this daycare cuz they've already seen and experienced I appreciate it I'm thankful you came um last I do want to share I I just recently qualified for the subsidy program that military families can qualify for child careware um we've had some families qualify for it and that just um I don't know a lot about it but what I know is the military base pays me um and makes up for the difference so that they families have to pay less for child care so they just make up for a little bit of the cost so that's amazing I did not know that there was a subsidy for military child care I'm going to delve into that and I'm going to pop that link right down below because that is awesome that you accept that yeah because Man Child Care is expensive and it it takes that option away for a lot of parents so especially if you're in the military you deserve child care if you want it that's right well thank you so much thank you for coming here today it's nice to meet thank you you too yeah

















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