Where's the BEST BEEF in Warrensburg? Check Out Cuttin' Up Meat Market!

so you're moving to Warrensburg or you're PCS’ing to white man Air Force Base and you're wondering where am I going to buy my meat I need meat we can help you with that carnivore today we are walking through the brand new meat store here in Warburg Missouri and I'm so excited you know what's it called cutup Meat Market cut nut Meat Market here we go and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week going to want to get notified also our contact information is right down there so if you're coming here if you need help finding the place or if you just have questions about Warrensburg or Whiteman Air Force Base not hesitate to reach out give us a call send us a text shoot us an email we love talking to people today friends we are walking through the new cutup Meat Market it is a farm totable meat restaurant here in Warrensburg Missouri it's not a restaurant not a restaurant oh my gosh I'm so sorry it's a meat market it's a meat market it's a meat it's a butcher shop yep it's a butcher shop so I am so excited to walk through and buy some meat we love meat we love meat here we go he he hi guys here we are at cut up Meat Market as I said before this is the newest meat shop in Warrensburg and we were so excited to have them here they've been open about 3 months now and everything that they have is local it's from local providers somewhere in Missouri um even as close as to daily in Kansas City they're not actually a butcher shop in shop but they have a local processing plant in leaton so everything comes from the local area which I personally love knowing where my meat comes from I'd prefer to know that the animals were raised ethically and humanely and you definitely know that when you buy your meat from this store also they have so much more so much more than just meat they have things like sweet dough pickles they have jams they have jellies they have quail eggs which is really cool we're going to go get a shot of those in a second but they have all different sorts of really cool things all made locally so let's look around and I'm first we should sample some of the meat oh meat sampling I will yes let's sample some meat here we go are we cheersing the meat cheers let good that's good I'm a big fan of Sandwich beat so what do we have here in this refrigerator there so many exciting things ooh Cherry Chipotle beef sticks yum oh wow that sounds amazing look at how cute the quail eggs are fun fact three quail eggs equals one chicken egg if you ever for some reason needed to replace them in a recipe where you're like I need one egg but I only have three qu eggs you're in luck H fun facts big day oh they even have shitake mush coffe mushrooms so fun these are great sodas if you just want a little treat so I'm going to point out some of my favorite things in this store just off the bat I am instantly drawn to the milk suction she loves her some Dairy I do dairy doesn't really love me but I love it she's a Dairy Queen so my instantly when we first walked in I was like oh my gosh they have the good milk and the good ice cream so oh the good milk it's the Chateau milk so many different delicious flavors they have the fun Butters oh they have the fun Butters cheese curs oh oh my gosh I need the cheese curds in my life right now I need them I need them so bad and I ooh look at the fun ice cream ice cream factory they also have Chateau cookie ice cream sandwich oh and I have the cookie sandwich is this is the dangerous dangerous store ooh jalapeno pean I like it look spicy those look really good I couldn't eat them cuz I'm a big baby I want those and I want chocolate pecan caramel o so many yummy peans I bet these are really yummy yeah o Turkish apricot interesting you know one thing that I saw nah that I'm going to show you you walk in that general direction I really liked when I first walked in I saw these pie fillings look at these so say you bu make your own pie they even have pecan yeah they have pecan pie filling so you can literally just buy a pie crust and then buy the fillings oh my gosh strawberry Blue Bar oh my gosh um here's my problem is I probably would just eat this JY I would just eat it with a spoon legit eat it with a is that legal is someone going to arrest me for  that we're having too good of a time we got all the things huh um maybe we're like kids in a candy store which one are you most excited about I am most excited about I'm actually really excited about these jams oo which lemon blueberry Moscato jam and tropical vion those are awesome those sound amazing they have like wine and moscato in them but it's been cooked out so it's not going to get your kids drunk hopefully fingers crossed or maybe they're sleep good tonight I'm also excited about the meat sticks show the meat sticks yes H Cherry Chipotle meat to try those those are going to be really good all of these awesome cheeses I'm really excited the cheeses we've got Butters y chatau butter is um I've actually been there where they make it at the chatau company it's a really cool company um in Missouri and um in Warrensburg Missouri so anyway it's kind of fun fact that I've been there y sample from right there oh awesome well let's buy this stuff and go home and eat it yay bye bye thank you guys for watching our video and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below cuz we make a new one every single week you're going to want to get notified also contact information it's right down there give us a call give us a call we love talking to people come in here I have questions talk to you soon bye

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