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so you're moving to Warrensburg or you're PCS’ing the Whitman Air Force Base and you have no idea what some of these big beautiful houses in Warburg look like we can help you with that today we're going to do a tour of some gorgeous amazing properties in kill in Warrensburg stay tuned and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because we make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also our contact information is right down here so if you're coming here if you're moving to Warrensburg if you're coming to Whitman Air Force Base and you have any questions or if you need help finding a home especially the last one do not hesitate to reach out and give us a call I mean I talked to people from all over the world yesterday I talked to someone who is stationed in Germany and is coming here and I'm helping her find a cute little Bungalow and I'm very excited about it that sounds fun it's going to be really fun so do not hesitate reach out love talking to people today friends we are doing a walk of some kill homes what is kill you ask well what is it what is kill I asked so kill is it's a neighborhood in Warrensburg actually I have a couple videos on this neighborhood it's the neighborhood where you get full size candy bars yeah it's just Halloween neighborhood is it's in my Halloween every year I take my kids trick-or-treating here because it's awesome I have a lot of friends that live in this neighborhood it's just a really great community and it's on my top 10 neighborhoods to live in in Warrenburg so um I get a lot of people who say hey but what do the houses look like well my friend Hillary My Girl Hillary she's another agent here in town and and I just said hey girl can I can I do a video of some of your houses and she was like absolutely so that's where we are here we are here we are so we're going to do a couple walkthroughs of homes to give you guys an idea of what do houses and payo look like let's find out let's find out yeah let's go inside welcome to the Helman lady house okay so here we are at the hman Lane house so this house is four bedroom three B it has three car garage there's three car spaces in that garage I said that really weird and it's it's go shit's so big it's like 3,400 ft so this is a really big house like most of the homes in K Hill it's going to be a big house it's going to be at least four bedroom so we're going to walk through and see what type of home that you could get in k hill by the way the price the listed price of this house is $479,000 which again is pretty much what you're going to find in Kill so let's walk around talk about it Nina show us the first two bedrooms okay so to you’re right we have two bedrooms oo the ceilings are so tall I love these ceilings I love the Giant Windows oh my goodness yeah these windows are fantastic yeah this would make a a wonderful office space this would besuch a good office space or it would be really cute Nursery with the big Windows M that would be really nice you could be rocking your baby and just look out the windows yeah M very sweet ooh shared full bath shared bedroom I just love love how big the windows are in this house yeah they really thought about all the details when they made these houses with the giant ceilings cuz a lot of times you have super high ceilings and then you just have L Windows mhm and uh the high ceilings and the high Windows makes it feel very spacious yeah super spacious and then across the living room I believe it's the master sweet yes let's see this master sweet ohit's masterful and so sweet it is very big it's big also High ceilings good for twirling this closet I really appreciate a walk-in closet let's walk in it is it's a it's a good size closet it's not bad lots of space and great organizing built-in I I like when there's built-in shelves so it just makes everything a lot more neat feeling yes yeah moving into the bathroom Master on Suite yeah it's nice it's a really good size there's a shower and a soaking tub and I like that the tub has a window next to it so that you can sit and see the outside world though I might put some if it were me I think I put some frosted I was about to say I would Frost the glass I think I frost the glass just so no one SE you're also not really losing a view cuz the view is just another house yeah okay let's go downstairs oh hold on did we miss something yes there laundry oh yes that's nice yes I like uh I like having the laundry on the main floor so you're not carting you know yeah stuff up and downstairs especially with our make believe baby and kids that we have exactly o Nina arches arches Arch porn Arch porn got to have the arch porn this is a giant living room for twirling for twirling I about my twirling dress just for the occasion smart smart okay let's go downstairs yes that's such Jun down these stairs they're nice I love how wide the stairs are yeah these stairs are really nice someone really thought about stairs when they built these because there's nothing worse than like small narrow stairs yes deep oh wow Oo we have a wet bar this is really big oh that's so cute yeah you have like another full bar down here fancy cocktail cocktail hour nice and looks like that this door goes out to the backyard yeah so you have it's a walk out so while you're having cocktails in the bar you can sit on your nice patio enjoy them yes got a covered oh and they even have screen here oh that sh screens so you can pull down shade screens that's very very thoughtful yeah so downstairs we have some more bedrooms we have one and it's a good size bedroom it's super cute it's smaller than the ones upstairs but it's awesome there are so many bedrooms there so many bedrooms hey Eva what Nina what's like one of our favorite things besides Arch por screen and porches screen and porches it's a dream there's even a TV out here you can watch good gosh your screening porch with no bugs mint julips on The Veranda we going to have me julips they going to be delicious and toasty cool oh I love love screened in porches yep and look how gorgeous the backyard is yeah super nice it's so pretty is a manicured lawn it's just you know that's just a lot of room for activities sister yep it's such a good neighborhood it's a great neighborhood the best neighbors mhm and I one thing in cill there is a restriction on fences so unless you're grandfathered in which in which case you can have the those metal fences or those wood fences all the fences have to be black metal fences so I I kind of uniform it's a very uniform look and honestly all the kids can see when other kids are outside playing because most families that live in Cahill have kids yeah actually they have these amazing block parties where all the neighbors get together and they rent big like foam machines and slip and slides and they have like these giant like kid summer slip and slide foam Bounce House Parties it's amazing why don't we live here I know why don't we live here M we're made so we just finished the walkthrough of the hman lane house yes and I really like how big this house is yeah there's so much space it's huge I think it's more it's more like six bedrooms I mean two were unconventional but for sure there's a lot of bedrooms there's a lot of rooms there's a lot of space this would be perfect for a large family or just someone who just doesn't want to see the people people they live with yeah yeah you have so many places to escape mhm you can go to your gym go to your bar go to your screen them porch oh that screened in porch that was awesome yeah um I mean the only thing that I would say that I would update for this house would probably be the color scheme I'm not a big fan of like Browns and beiges yeah feel dated it feels a little dated but I mean that's just a coat of paint and a coat of paint pain is so easy so easy and that's just personal preference right I always tell my clients you now paint can be changed do you like the layout of the house look at the bones the bones and this house has great bones it does have great bones ready go to the next one yes let's go let's go look at that pretty door here we go let's check it out oh hello welcome to my grand entrance so first right when we walk in to the right is this really beautiful grand staircase I do love a staircase when you walk in it feels so Regal it does it really does like you should just come down and be like hello yes oh my gosh absolutely Ah that's gorgeous and these ceilings are I mean just magnificently High yeah and then directly to the left we have fly a Titan here you could fly a Titan here we have a breakfast room or dining room or a dining room well I guess this could be a dining room or a breakfast room cuz there's an over there for table as well I would call that the breakfast mil and that the dining room this is a nice wide B kitchen it is it is very nice very spacious yes yes it is very spacious you guys want to see how spacious it is H but I mean there's lots of storage in this kitchen oh yeah I love the Florida ceiling cabinets oh my gosh oh be still my heart love me some pull out drawers yep I'm all about kitchen organization so this is just really nice she really I really I like the I like this Granite too I do like this Granite sometimes I'm not a busy Granite person but this is a really pretty busy Granite I'm not the only thing that I'm not a fan of is the personal preference I do not like the color of the cabinets I'm not a big fan of the backsplash or the backsplash I think the cabinets would be fine and the granite would be fine if you had like a solid white backlash yeah I think that's it I'm brown and beige I'm not a big brown and beige person but oh this is beautiful space yes and these floors are just stunning stunning stunning very like old fashioned original I don't know how old this film is well not super it's not super old but they're gorgeous hardwood floors yes okay let's check more out hello on the ground floor we have the master bedroom so let's check that out first and we're walking and we're walking nice video so it's a good size Master it's not terribly huge but it's not small it also has a walk-in closet which is always nice let's walk in it shall we woo yeah pretty much in all kill houses you just expect a walk-in closet yes the same when a really big m bathroom so you have the soaking tub you have the shower very pretty very pretty I like what they did with the child and I I do like how the bath the toilet is separated from the rest of the bathroom so for example if you're showering and your husband really has to go to the bathroom he can do it in his own private bathroom area this is something we wouldn't have realized until we were married huh mhm and suddenly it becomes very important for your husband to have his own bathroom space very important really they should just put husband toilets outside we just have like a separate husband toilet like yeah I have a friend um and she's wonderful and I really like her and she's building a house and in her master bathroom there's two separate toilet areas like this and one is for her and one is for her husband I get it and I completely understand that if I built a house I build him an out house well I would do what my friend's doing and absolutely when I build a house like airplane in that thing separate toilet separate toilet rooms and one will be mine and one can be his and you better not use mine how do you get an airplane ventage toilet that's what I mean laundry room oh that's nice yeah I love that it's right off the master bathroom so you can just like wash your clothes put them away mhm yeah it's awesome no stairs to deal with shall we go upstairs let's do it speaking of stairs I definitely feel like you can really just prominade up and down these stairs this is the way to make an entrance or an exit yes this would you know great prom photos on these oh for sure prom photos yeah very nice right there free nah can you show us the upstairs I would love to this way we have another full bathroom ooh ooh storage we have a really cute like little girl pink room darling there's a lot of light in here it's really nice kind of light yeah yeah this is a great little room there's a really nice view too like from this mhm you can see like so much of the neighborhood that's true and then over here we have another adorable bedroom which is white large this is like a kidss playroom it be this would be great for like two kids like if you had twins or something or a playroom mhm would be a perfect playroom you can have a little seat there for reading your books next to the window I love it it's adorable it is adorable I love the ceilings mhm and then we have another bedroom over here we just keeps finding bedrooms so many bedrooms have a bedroom you have a bedroom it's like Oprah you have a bedroom we've got another pink room super cute this one has like a wild little Hideway it's like a Harry Potter Nook yeah that's what Harry Potter can see you could honestly fit a queen-sized bed there so Harry Potter's this is like Harry Potter's dream yeah that's big they would win this in New York for like $1,000 a month and it also has its own separate closet and you still have a closet just like you have your weird tenant okay you have your tenant your Nook your Nook I mean if I Nina when we were kids if we had a spot like that it would be full of fairy lights and books it be so cool oh my gosh yes that would be like the best for room ever yeah okay let's go down to the basement woo here we go what are we going to find H never know in these houses wet bar oh I love a basement with a good bar so here we are in the basement and this is basically just another really big living space there is a nonconforming bedroom over here in these house say there's always at least like one or two bedrooms that like aren't bedrooms but this one has a full bathroom attached to it yeah got it done a little on Suite Santa closet still and then we have I mean you have to have a bar area duh if you live in Kill you're going to entertain yeah you're going to have to entertain this is definitely a neighborhood for entertaining so I like that they have everything set up for a bar and then over here we have a whole lot of storage this even like a cute little space to put like a poker table oh that's a yeah and then this is dressed in unfinished area love it where I mean it's a big big space it's just a unfinished space so lots of storage yeah yeah this is a cute little backyard yeah definitely enough space for you know kids in a dog Big Deck Big Deck mhm I like a big deck so Eva what are your takeaways from looking at two homes in kill today I will say that I love how much space there is in these homes both of these homes are really nice they both need a little bit of updating but I mean that's pretty common with unless you're buying new construction or a brand new home anything that you buy that's you know 10 to 20 years old you probably going to need to do some paint you're probably going to need to maybe um switch out some of the flooring but overall I mean you just really can't beat how big they are and it's really when you buy in Kill you're buying the community you're buying the neighborhood you're buying the you know giant barbecues that the entire neighborhood gets involved with on the weekend you're buying the trick-or treating with the full-size candy bars and everyone goes all out on their decorations so you're really buying the experience of living in K so I really like both of these homes I don't know which one was my I think the outside of the F of this house is my like I prefer the look of it but I like the layout of the first home better so it combine them yeah just combine them into one home but they're both super super cute uh so Nina can you tell our viewers in YouTube land uh tell us about this home the specs and stuff sure it's about 3,000 ft just under it's four bedrooms 3 and 1/2 baths and it Liv for $459 ooh that's a really good price for K it is a really great price for kill especially with how big this home is yes it's huge it's got a ton of character um there's definitely nothing cookie cutter about it so you're getting something that's a little bit more full of you know setting touches it's got chair rails it's very unique this home is very unique yeah yeah and can it could use it could use a little bit a little love here and there there a lot of pink if you love pink if you love pink you love this house you love this house yeah I think the only things that I would really do is I would update the carpet yes I would take out all the carpet paint and I would update some fixtures yeah and I would change the backsplash personally there's nothing bomb with it it's just not my cup of tea yeah which this is a perfect kitchen to have a cup of tea in it is so I I completely agree I love how speaking of Cups of Tea oh that's awesome sweet well what is your overall takes on these homes in kahill I love them I think that kay hill is such a fun neighborhood and it's somewhere that I could really see myself living with kids because you have so many kids for your kids to play with you have adults for you to play with um I think if anything I just might get a little exhausted just cuz there'd be so many things I wouldn't want to miss out on cuz something's always happening yeah there's always something happening in and I go to sleep at like 8:00 so I'd have to adjust my schedule it's awesome and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because we make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also our contact information is right down here so if you're coming here if you're moving to Warrensburg if you're coming to Whitman Air Force Base and you have any questions or if you need help finding a home especially the last one do not hesitate to reach out and give us a call

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