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Magnolia Mercantile

so you're moving to Warrensburg or you're pesing to Whitman Air Force Base and you do not know where to buy really cool gifts for people I can help you with that today we are going to walk throughthe new the awesome Magnolia Mercantile stay tuned oh and don't forget to like And subscribe right down below because I make a new video every single week you're going to want to get notified also my contact number is right down there so if you're coming here if you're coming to Warrensburg if you're looking for a place to live if you're wondering H where is the best place to get pizza I can help you with that so call me text me email me I love talking to people today oh my gosh I'm so excited you guys we have a brand new amazing store in downtown Warrensburg it's called Magnolia Mercantile it's glorious you can drink wine and walk around and they have cheeseboards wine flights really really cool stuff and it's just a really cool store and I get very excited when new stores come into downtown Warrensburg because it just makes it so much better going to talk to the owners and we're going to see what they got thank you I am here with Terry and she is the owner and operator of the new Magnolia Mercantile in Warrensburg Missouri yay um so first off your store is magical it's wonderful I love it so much thank you how did you come up with this idea cuz this is nothing like Warren Brook has ever seen before okay how do we come up with the idea we went around to um we did some marketing trying to figure out where was the best place to go yeah we did go to a lot of small surrounding towns m in Kansas and in Missouri MH and we loved that we had the Whiteman AFMyes close by and there was not a lot for them to do there and we're very much about the military we looked at the Pine Street and there was plenty for you know the college and everything but not really for the parents and that kind of thing yeah so we pondered that and then we decided that if we could do something that was engaging and people wanted to stay and play and not just purchase of course we want them to purchase yeah but we also want them to come and have a happy environment some place to sit around and talk and just have that kind of experience here so we spent a lot of time decided on Warrensburg the people were friendly we could do the things we wanted to we wanted to have the wine bars we wanted to have um just the environment that we have today and um we purchased and we uh tried to get historical and stay historical keep the surroundings that um made this building what it is we work very closely with um query yes property yes to make sure that we were in line with them and that we didn't take away from them but just added to so one thing you mentioned which I think is freaking amazing the wine bar and the cheeseboards that y' all so you can come in here and you can get a glass of wine right and you can get a cheeseboard if you so feel like my husband and I did it was wonderful and just walk around and shop and it's such a it's almost like a date night experience I hope so and that is Terry Boulder Jack hi Terry hi Terry and um he's always here and he can you can do flights you can do buy the glass you can also buy a bottle so whatever you want to do that's really really really smart it's fun it's fine so if you had like one or two of your most favorite things in this store what would they be items or um items or just like pieces that you found to decorate okay so the vendors of course we all hand Chosen and they're people that we have a lot of confidence in and in their merchandise so I want to say that above everything they they are amazing people with amazing products yes the things that are what I okay my favorite piece I'll just say it like my favorite piece is this because we went out to buy this simple little piece back here and I turned around and this was there oh my God with the mules and the the traintrack it was everything that that we've got here in war spr it's everything war and it was like kind of at the time where it turned and we weren't you know we weren't riding the MS any longer we were using the train and that's kind of what the boy shows the animal show they're all scared and

Magnolia Mercantile opens in Warrensburg | Sedalia Democrat

that's one of my favorite pieces ooh this is so awesome by the way just the the fact that you guys have wine flights in Warrensburg it's so cool well it's so much fun hello everyone I'm Terry the other Terry that work works the bar so the best thing about the store if you come in and need help just say hey Terry hey somebody's going to answer as Eva mentioned we do have wine flight ooh and we have good by glass okay and we sell by the bottle M and so we also have some really luscious cheeseboards I don't have one out right now yeah I experienced those yesterday or couple days ago it was really good what's fun about the wine flight because we have um seven dinner wines Chardonnet Cabernet Mero that category like if youbut for dinner yeah and then we have 20 other wines oh wow that are party wines they're fruity they're fun they're really good to drink and it it just gives you a festive attitude when you serve them yeah but with 27 different kinds of wine it's impossible to figure out which one tastes best to you so the whole point of the wine flight is we set up six samples for you you uhhuh and and then you it comes to about a glass a glass and a half each and then you kind of narrow it down you want white sweet whites dry whites Reds yeah we can give you six samples and you can narrow it right down to the glass mm or bottle you choose I love it I really love also how the numbers it is so you can remember what wine you pick so when as you fill out your card and it's on both sides of all the wines you just number one through six the ones you choose and we'll fill them one through six with the dominoes and so when you're sittingthere it's so confusing when they're all white wines they all look the same and you can tell which one is which so that helps a lot that's so brilliant the cheeseboards are we're really proud to uh use our cheese and sausage from cutting up over on Maguire street that new the new meat store that store it's all for head cheeses and salamis and pepperonis it's really good um we have about six different kinds and then there's little samples on the cheese board of each and crackers to go with it and so dude it's all set you can't beat cheese wine date night and then buy stuff there you go it's like it's like better than Target well and the fun thing on the weekend uh folks are sitting over here those windows open so you kind of have that outdoor atmosphere yes and uh within a week or two the construction trucks should all be goneit'll be a little more atmosphere yes oh man I love it well thank you so much Terry for showing me your wine flights and just being awesome in general all right guys we'll come see you soon bye now oh the esteemed president of our Historical Society he you hi Bruce so my husband and I came here yesterday and I got a wine flight and we got a cheeseboard and then we walked around and I bought to many things it was wonderful but we also played Checkers and I won I had to document this for a few future posterity he's going to hate it when he sees that I said that on film I won finally he always wins when we play chess I dominated I dominated the checkers okay I'll continue on a I am standing here with Lee he is the other owner of Magnolia mertile here in Warrensburg we're going to talk to him about this really cool historic building tell me about this store I noticed that you really left a lot of it kind of authentic looking we kind of mixed the old and the new how did you come up with this well I'm a history major so I'm a huge history fan and and the first time that we walked in this building with Jason and Connor and saw the potential here of just the uh the Bare Bones of it I mean that's what all sold to us was just the brick stone and the old stamp tin ceiling and we could have gone back and made it look new again uh paint the ceiling but to me that would have made it look like you have never known that that age and the history was there so we actually just preserved the rust and had that Rusty gold look and you couldn't beat the beauty of the the the beans and the and the brick and that massive stones that our back there and from that point on all our decor and what we bought to put inside as the details we wanted to match we continually find Rustic uh pieces uh to really make all that a really nice look as far as you're walking back in time you your shopping experience is going to be different than the second step in the building yeah I completely agree um you sound just like my husband like we kind of um are doing the same thing with our office where instead of you know rep putting up walls that are plaster you know and putting a fake ceiling we're just exposing the lath and exposing the bricks so everyone can see the age of the building absolutely awesome awesome so there's some really cool like hidden Easter eggs in this building tell me about the cup so to tell about the mug I'm going have to tell about the entire story yes so we can date this building back to the 1870s at least that's the first uh

Magnolia Mercantile opens in Warrensburg | Star-Journal

recorded mention of this in the newspaper it could have been here earlier um so this was here in the 1870s what we really loved and I really kind of gravitated to was there was a saloon here in the 1880s and 1890s this is actually an ad from 1884 for the saloon that's the exact spot wow so we kind of well we were Excavating this because it was so old as far as the uh this floor that was in here we had to Jackhammer all that out yeah while they doing that Jason Elkins and Conor Harrington who own the building yes when they came to this spotthey found this basy hollow spot ooh so they went they started to dig it out and dig it out dig it out mhm and underneath all this there is this beautifully stoned in pit that nobody knew was there even Bruce oer whose family owned this for decades were not aware of this they had been walking over this for decadesso it had been from the probably 1890s maybe 1900 where they just basically paved over this and forgot about it my theory is because the saloon stopped W where that brick is at one time it was just a standalone building yeah that this was the ice pit for the saloon so they would have brought in gigantic blocks of ice and put in here and put straw over or even at that time they still had cake systems already had cake systems so it could have been the cakes were in here keeping iced and they ran the lines right into the back of the saloon which have been right here as we stand yeah oh that is so cool and to explain the mug when they found all that that mug a couple old bicycles and these old models which are definitely from the 1800s were in that pck wow that is really cool that really Co love the history and and then while I was researching the ownership of this bar I found all these just incredible ads the artwork that they had back then I just fell in love with the artwork uh some of the quirkiness of it um you got this beautiful announcement for circus with all the different AXS and then my favorite is the oyster parlor and candy store which today we wouldn't think of as a great combination but back then it must have been a really going concern yeah to go in and have some oysters and Candy I mean I guess you could eat your oysters and you just keep your kids like chilled out by giving them candy y there you go that is all she wrote folks I really hope you enjoyed a walk through of that awesome new store I'm very excited forit I hope everyone goes there and buys all the things so they stay forever I know I will there are so many things that I'm like I want that I want that I want that a so great but I hope you like this video don't forget to like And subscribe right down below cuz I make a new one every single week you're going to want to get notified also my contact information is right down there so if you're pcsing to Whit men if you'recoming here to Warrensburg and you need help or if you have questions do not hesitate to reach out give me a call shoot me text send me an email I love talking to people talk to you soon bye yeah







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